Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl talked with NME where he opened up about suffering from depression following the end of the tour in November 2015 in which Grohl broke his leg.

“Usually, at the end of a couple of years of being on the road, you blame the music and the band for all of your problems, so you want to get away from it. And I didn’t want to pick up a guitar. I wasn’t feeling creative, or prolific, or inspired. So I just went back to normal, quiet domestic life.

“After we finished all of that touring, I went through a really weird depressive phase where I got the beard and I had the pajamas and I didn’t leave the house for weeks. That was at the point that I realized the music wasn’t the thing that was making my life worse – it was actually the thing that always made my life better.

“Once you wake that back up, it’s like the dam bursts and you start getting more and more ideas.”

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