Three demos from Panic! At The Disco’s scrapped second album Cricket & Clover have been recovered by the father of Jon Walker, the former bassist of the band.

Walker described the demos as “weird”, “dense”, “beautiful” and “pre-weed”.

Walker later revealed that his father-in-law found eleven more post-cabin/pre-Pretty. Odd. demos along with three Pretty. Odd. demos.

Cricket & Clover (also known to fans as The Cabin Album) was the initial follow up to the band’s breakthrough debut album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. The band wrote and recorded music in a cabin in Mount Charleston, Nevada in 2007. The album was later scrapped entirely after the band lost interest in the music. It has since been rumoured to be lost. The band released Pretty. Odd. as their second album instead in 2008. Hopefully, the OK will be given for these demos to be released to the public.