A new sound is on the horizon and it’s called Disaster Hands. The band was founded by Jesse Cease, Mike Danger, and Tyler Williams. Their song, “Close to Nothing”, is the embodiment of suburban rage pop punk. From Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, the band resonates with every small town fan.

Guitarist and vocalist, Jesse Cease, explains the mission of the band: “Our goal is for everyone to recognize the effects of their actions and to spread messages that deal with interpersonal issues/struggles.  We want people to know everyone has issues and we can get past them no matter how hard it may seem.” The key to a good band has always been a good purpose. Without the soul, the music is meaningless, however, Disaster Hands lets their passion shine through in “Close to Nothing”.

The song leaves you wanting more. It’s like an unfinished memoir. It’s meant to resonate with you but seems just incomplete. Good news, though: Disaster Hands will be following it up with their EP, Mindless, later this fall, which may help complete the overall image.

Not to mention, the band recently released a reimagined, more acoustic version of “Close to Nothing” which left me with chills from the very moment it came on. Its simple melody leaves you in a dreamy state.

“Nothing’s ever guaranteed,” the song says, but I’d say it’s a pretty good guarantee that this song (and hopefully the subsequent EP) will leave you wanting more of the new up and coming band.

Disaster Hands will be playing their first shows locally in Pennsylvania before heading to the world famous Chilkoot Charlie’s in Anchorage, Alaska this January, so if you have the chance, go ahead and catch them on tour!