Twitter recently rolled out a new 280-character count limit which is up from the previous 140. Along with the increase in characters also came a weird character-count circle that doesn’t make it easy to see how many characters you’ve typed.

Mashable came across a way to get rid of that annoying circle character-counter thanks to this engineer:

The Google developer and self-described “Emojineer” took it upon herself to do something about the dreaded circle, and created a Chrome extension that returns things to the more familiar number-based counter.

Additionally, Twitter has rolled out another extension. They’ve increased the character count for display names!

Mashable writes:

Just two days following the surprise announcement that Twitter would be doubling the character count allowed per tweet, the San Francisco-based company is back with another update — and you’d better believe it’s about yet even more characters. That’s right, as of Nov. 9, your display name can be more than twice as long as the old rules allowed.

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