Spin reports that a President Donald Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow plays in what they call a “crappy” Republican rock band. You can check out some of his music below.

Spin writes:

Sekulow, 61, is heretofore best known as a legal ideologue with his own popular conservative talk show, devoted to defending the causes of the Christian right. He’s also a diehard Trump supporter, and he was recently added to the group of lawyers working for the president in the investigation into alleged Russian influence on the 2016 election. He gave interviews in the latter capacity all day Sunday, most notably to Fox News, during which he managed to assert that Trump both is and is not under investigation by the DOJ within a span of only a few minutes. He has not proven himself very good at his job of representing the president so far.

…He’s a musical polymath who plays drums and guitar in a group that also includes the Christian rock singers John Schlitt (of the band Petra) and John Elefante (who after a brief stint filling in for Steve Walsh as the singer of Kansas in the ’80s, now plays with a Christian outfit called Mastedon). Here’s the lyric video for a tasty lil’ Jay Sekulow tune called “Undemocratic,” which includes the line “Democracy in motion means a right to take sides / Since when is one rewarded for the emails she hides?” The video features many ominous shots of the IRS building, in case you’re unclear of the territory we’re in.

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