Twitter has given their app a nice facelift with its recent update. One of the main and noticeable features was an update to users’ square avatars. The avatars are now a circle. Personally, I love most every update in its latest release, but there were more than a few users who weren’t too keen on the changes. If you fall into the “I hate these circular avatars” category, then you’re in luck! According to The Verge, there’s a Chrome extension that will turn those circular avatars back to squares:

For those who feel lost without the safe hug of right angles, German designer Kai Brueckersis on your side. Featured on Product Hunt, Brueckers’ Twitter Debubbler is a Chrome extension that will rid your Twitter of blobbiness and have it emulate the platform’s old design. Add to Chrome with a click, and it automatically applies the old look whenever you’re viewing Twitter. It really was only a matter of time before this appeared.