By now almost everyone has heard of Emo Nite, right? It’s most famous one is in LA, but has a handful of other cities it resides in such as Brooklyn, Baltimore and Cleveland. I was lucky enough to attend three different types of Emo Night in Cleveland throughout the month of June. Here are my experiences.

The first Emo Night landed on June 9th at The Foundry. It was free to get in and I had a great time. This particular event happened to be on the same night as game 4 of the NBA Finals which saw our own Cleveland Cavaliers facing off against the Golden State Warriors, so it wasn’t as jam packed as it would have been normally. For me, a major basketball fan and pop-punk/emo music enthusiast, it was a dream come true to have DJ Scott Heisel spinning tracks from Taking Back Sunday to Panic! At The Disco while watching our Cavs defeat Golden State (finally). All in all the night felt celebratory, the perfect place to dance, drink and be happy.

Next came a different kind of Emo Night on June 16th. Once again, the event took place at The Foundry. It was only $8 at the door or $5 in advanced and only for attendees who are aged 21+.  I say “different” because it wasn’t DJ’d and it was actually The Emo Band Karaoke. It’s safe to say that the The Emo Band knows every great emo/pop-punk song and anyone who attends can sign up to sing songs like “Fat Lip” by Sum 41, “Misery Business” by Paramore or even “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance. You name it, they’ll play it. Whether you were a great performer like the two guys that rocked “Ohio Is For Lovers” by Hawthorne Heights or you forgot half the words once you hit the stage, it was still a great time. Emo Nite made for a perfect setting to meet new people and enjoy the night of good music and dancing.

Finally came the last Emo Night of the month. This one was at B Side Liquor Lounge on June 30th, was free entry, but you need to be 21+ to attend. B Side is located in what I call the basement of the Grog Shop. It seemed slightly louder than the Emo Night held at The Foundry, and it also felt slightly darker (lighting wise). The drinks were cheap, and depending on how you prefer to party, you could dance or pull up a seat at any of the chairs that seemed to be literally placed everywhere. You could even play old school video games that were lined up around the place. Not only that, but there was free pizza provided, and who doesn’t like free pizza? The night was once again DJ’d by Scott Heisel who spun some our favorite emo tracks. As the night went on, people around you seemed to become more loose with some eventually deciding to hang from the ceiling… Hey, you do you.

If you’ve ever considered attending an Emo Nite, but you feel unsure about it, trust me, in the end you’ll feel like every night should be Emo Night.