So remember when Envy On The Coast announced that they would be doing three reunion shows? Then remember when we found out that three of the five original members would not be showing up? Well, now it looks like we have some answers to why that is. The three original members, Sal Bossio, Dan Gluszak and Jeremy Velardi, released a statement:

In 2009, Envy On The Coast began to unravel from the inside out. Certain events transpired that irreversibly damaged the interpersonal relationships among band members. The fallout from these occurrences was impossible to undo, and not only had a dramatic affect on the creative process, but also created a clear division of “sides” among band members. The environment eventually became so unbearably toxic that it caused the band to split, thus giving way to a six year gap in communication between several pairs of members.

What you guys don’t know is that at one point, the recent reunion discussions did actually involve all five original members coming together to do a handful of shows.

When we got to discussing specifics, however, we hit a wall. There is a small batch of songs on Lowcountry that directly allude to the period of time when internal band relations were at their absolute, indisputable worst. The three of us requested that those songs be omitted from the set, with the entire remainder of the catalog still available to work with. This small gesture of mutual respect was apparently too much to ask, and this is where the discussions stopped.