In essence, Eternal Boy (formerly The SpacePimps) is a band influenced by multiple backgrounds and open to growing into the new age of pop punk. Our scene is ever changing and Eternal Boy has found away to keep it real with fans. Here’s our interview with Eternal Boy:

As a fellow Pennsylvanian, the first thing that sticks out to me about your band is your hometown of Pittsburgh. Has your hometown influenced your sound, if so how?

YES. We love Pittsburgh. There is a blue collar ethos that exists here that we have inherited and grown to love. Pittsburgh is a hidden gem and has not only a great music scene, but great people. The Pittsburgh music scene has shaped us tremendously over the years.

What other roots have influenced your music?

Early 2000’s Pop Punk, touring, growing up and the pains in includes, and Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is a bit of an unusual influence for anyone in the alternative rock scene. Why Taylor? Do you have any other pop influences?

Well we kind of joke about it because she’s beautiful, but also, her songs are basically pop punk songs in a different form. Arrangements, melodies, etc are all very similar. I love Carly Rae Jepsen a lot as well. Again, another artists that could easily do pop punk if they wanted.

Is any of your music politically charged? Since pop punk is based out of challenging the status-quo and the working world, do you find yourselves following that path naturally or is that old cliche unimportant in your musical development?

I (Rishi) am incredibly politically interested, however, I try to keep it out of our public image. However, in our songs, there are definitely undertones of conformity, the socio-political climate, and current events. It’s hard not to when it plays such an integral part of our lives.

Was there a moment when you knew that music was what you wanted to do– where it just felt right?

Rishi: It was a concert I went to when I was a sophomore in high school at my all time favorite venue ever called Club Laga in Pittsburgh. The lineup was The Teen Idols, New Found Glory, Anti Flag, and Less than Jake. There was something in the air, it felt like I was supposed to be there, in that room on that night. It has had a lasting effect on me and always will.

What was the hardest obstacle to overcome as a band?

I think the life/band balance is always hard. You have to remain active and tour etc., but it is also important to have a life outside of the band. For years we would come home from tour and be broke. We found a great balance and great model where we are today.

Explain where your band title came from and why you chose to self title your next album.

We used to be called The SpacePimps for years. Kind of got stuck with the name and then things took off a bit for us. However, we outgrew the name (a long time ago) and chose one that really depicts our Peter Pan like mentalities. Also, Eternal Boy was the name of The SpacePimps last album so there is a paper trail to us. Same band, new candy coated shell.

What makes this album different than your other music?

I think there is a some settling down for us in terms of direction and themes. Our first few albums were all over the place, but this one has a distinct “feel” of nostalgia and growing up that rounds it out quite well.

What’s your goal for this album, and ultimately what would you say is your goal for the band?

Our goal has always been, and continues to be to reach the most people possible. We just want people to hear the music because we are confident they will find something they like, or maybe even love. Oh, and to write a song with Taylor Swift, who cares about anything else.

Do you think it is harder now to grow in the punk world, or has it gotten easier for modern musicians?

Great question. Its gotten easier and harder in that it is easier to get your music out there and even record, but harder to produce a quality product. Also, there is SO much music out there making it even harder to stand out. I think if you put your head down and do good work (and write good songs), it will find the right people.

What song do you think fans have connected with the most? Why?

I think that’s a toss up. There are some older songs that people like called “True Life” and “Hillcrest”, and newer ones like “Party Foul” and “Awkward Phase”. I think they all suck, personally.

If you think the songs that people are connecting with ‘suck’, then which songs do you like? What makes an Eternal Boy song stand out to you?

Again, was being a bit funny on that, but I think the more honest a song can be, the more people will connect. We just try to be as blatantly honest and hope people can connect.

Finally, what’s some advice for your fans and for those aspiring musicians out there?

Grind. Grind hard. Grind everyday. It’s all about loving the process of grinding. It isn’t easy most of the time but perseverance and sticking to it never fail.

Check out Eternal Boy’s latest music video for “Hung Up on Hope” below. The song is featured on the band’s new album Awkward Phase which came out July 14th.

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