Tom DeLonge emails to Hillary Clinton chairman, John Podesta, about the rocker’s upcoming documentary, Sekret Machines, continue to leak. These emails are included from the Hillary Clinton email hack. Below are a couple more that came out today.

Here’s one:

Date: 2015-09-24 16:29
Subject: Tom DeLonge here-

I received your email address from your assistant, as from time to time I would like to get you information that is not appropriate for others to see. And here is one of those times. The ranking General on my committee has some ideas for a memo that would help provide context for his and the other Officers work on this project.

Also- I am flying out to Texas to meet some more ‘ rivate’ individuals, and then flying to have dinner with current Commanding Officers at the Air Force Space Command in a couple days in Colorado Springs to discuss how to move this project forward. My committee grows larger by the day. After, I will write you and fill you in.

General’s thoughts:

“I was thinking a bit more about what a White House memo should say. Something like these points to all Federal Agencies:
– In light of the President’s policy on STEM (citing official policy encouraging the study of science, technology, engineering and math)
– some back ground on your project
– the Administration encourages a favorable Public Affairs position by all Agencies
– appointes NASA to lead (this kind of public outreach is in NASA’s job jar, and if no Agency is appointed all will simply note and file the memo and likely do nothing)
– and to coordinate with DoD, DNI and NOAA (the other major space actors, putting a bit of light on them)”

Tom DeLonge

And another one from Tom that Podesta forwarded to Jennifer Palmieri with the words “Our secret plan” typed out:

Date: 2016-02-09 15:47
Subject: Fwd: Interesting news

I thought I would give you a piece of cool news to brighten your stressful and long days.

When I interviewed you, I put ‘behind the scenes’ photos on the social networks. Ambiguous ones.


I just announced my project, and the pre-orders of the Novels went up, and kids are mining the Internet asking for any info whatsoever that “John Podesta” says in the book…

Ha. They don’t know yet where you exist in this Sekret Machines Universe (we launch the story with NY Times with Doc Trailer in a week) and they already look to you in a leadership role they can trust. And care almost ONLY about your voice in this.

That’s HARD to do. Getting young adults to like you, especially if your at your level in DC. Don’t lose that. I will brand you much more when this all comes out as a man that the youth can trust and rely on.

Not that you care… But I do. They do.

This project is about changing the cynical views of youth towards government. My fans are trolling the Internet asking about…. *you*. And I haven’t even mentioned you yet.

That’s cool.

The young adults are so passionate about this topic, and at the end of the day they feel like you respect them. So they are seeking you out.

Tom DeLonge

Here’s the last bit that was released within the last couple of weeks to keep your curiosity going.