Every Time I Die’s frontman Keith Buckley took to Twitter to proudly reflect on his experience at Warped Tour as he didn’t recall seeing any of those “MAGA” hats Donald Trump made famous.

“on a personal note, with over half a million tickets sold to Warped this year, I didn’t see a SINGLE maga hat. and I looked. say what you will about the bands playing, you can’t deny that the kids of summer are gonna be okay”

The tweet of course didn’t go over well with everyone, but Keith made it clear that ETID “doesn’t need” bigots at their shows or as fans.

“at what point in my 25 year involvement with a socially conscious hardcore/punk scene did I give anyone the impression that I would pander to bigots? my band doesn’t need you. nobody does. smash nazis at every turn”

Every Time I Die's Keith Buckley tweet

He finished up with:

“one more thing and then I promise I’ll go back to having fun online: A RACIST *CHOOSING* TO MAKE THEIR PRESENCE KNOWN AT A HARDCORE SHOW IS AN ACT OF AGGRESSION IN ITSELF. until that moment, it’s all love. after, not so much.”

He even got some love from Ice T: