Ex-drummer of My Chemical Romance, Bob Bryar, sat down with Alternative Press awhile back where he discussed his memories of recording The Black Parade album.

One memory in particular was his encounter with a Paramour in the haunted facility the group was recording at.

There are tons of stories about hauntings and general creepy things that have happened there. I can’t remember which actor it was, but one of the actors from the TV show Friends was in the room that Frank [Iero] lived in, months before we arrived. I’ve been told by many people he ran out of that room crying and screaming and never returned. Something was in that room. I remember walking into [Ray] Toro’s room one day and seeing him visibly shaken with a toothbrush in his mouth. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was 100 percent positive he saw a lady in a white dress walk down the hallway.

A very strange thing for me was the clawfoot bathtub in my bathroom. I take showers, I don’t mess with baths. I was also told not to use that bathtub because it didn’t work, anyway. There were at least five times where I went into the bathroom and there was water around the very edges of the tub. There was no possible explanation for it, so I just ignored it and moved on.

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