Fall Out Boy talked with NME about their new single and upcoming album M A N I A.

On the new single “Young and Menace,” Pete Wentz says:

“We weren’t planning on really writing new music at the time,” Wentz told NME of the track’s origins. “It felt like we should do this thing together and tried to make a body of work around it. It’s weird because once we said ‘this is a song that feels like maybe it’s not a direct-to-radio-song, but it feels like it could be culturally important’ it freed us. Then it was like ‘let’s just make this song the best version of itself it could be’.”


“There was a more extreme version of the song. We were like ‘is that hard – is that easy?’ For the last chorus it’s pretty extreme, and there was a version that was pretty much all of that, and we needed to reign it in. Honestly, because we were like ‘Wow, this is so chaotic’. It sounded like a 1990’s modem. It didn’t even sound like music. So we reigned it in from there.”

Wentz went on to mention that the album is about halfway done:

“Well, the album is not finished. We’re about halfway done. But songs like ‘Young And Menace’ are the furthest left, like you know – the wildest part of the album. The song will make sense on the album and the album is like – we’ve updated the software since the last album, so I think the album will sound different to people.”

You can read more of the interview here.