On January 19, pop-rock band Fall Out Boy released M A N I A, a record full of freshly unique tracks that will have listeners wanting to pet giant mascot llamas and dye their skin purple.

The record kicks off with “Young And Menace”. Beginning slow and aloof, this track was released as the album’s first single. Picking up with a drum beat and a reference to the lyrics of a Britney Spears song, the track explodes into a surge of electronic energy with drums and guitars for rock undertones.

Shortly after, “Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea” comes pounding in with a sound quite different from the other tracks on the record. It hooks you in with powerful vocals and the French lyrics “eau de résistance”, translating to “water resistance”, as a way to fit the theme of the record. Meanwhile, the song “The Last Of The Real Ones” is catchy and everything a single is made out of. Fast pace and addicting with tongue and cheek lyrics, this track is a true gem off M A N I A.

Next on the album is “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)”. From tempo changes to Patrick Stump’s strong vocals and relatable lyrics like I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color, this track radiates the essence of an anthem. There is also the skin-chilling song, “Heaven’s Gates”. Stump’s voice carries such power and depth to the point where every inch of your body will feel it. While the vocals are soulful, the guitars still add a bit of an edge to this track.

Fall Out Boy has taken M A N I A and made it into a masterpiece. They’ve pushed the limits of rock and pop by showing time-after-time how capable they are of adapting to the changes in rock music, while still staying true to themselves.

Be sure to check out the new record and let us know what you think of it!