The Twitter-verse was somewhat losing it’s shit over what appeared to be new Paramore lyrics being shared from a fan account on the social network. It’s understandable as Paramore fans are undeniably overwhelmed with the news that the band registered 12 new songs (which have since been unlisted) and a Snapchat image of Hayley Williams on a music video set surfaced.

The below lyrics were shared by popular fan account @Pmore_Source:

“when you smile back at me, but i don’t feel nothing at all
it’s like a fake happy, so should i go on? ♪”

One of those twelve songs that was registered by the band this week was called “Fake Happy,” so it’s understandable why people would get more hyped.

However, Hayley Williams herself tweeted out a few hours later:

“There are no new lyrics on the internet”

Not sure if the fan account was playing with us or not, but they did offer the following tweet:

Here are the tweets mentioned above: