Gerard Way spoke with iNews where he discussed his reasoning to quit music and start writing comic books. First he spoke about the expectations following The Black Parade.

“Everybody’s got an opinion, no one gets left alone anymore, and it stopped being about the art. 

“I like playing with expectations. I thought, ‘Whatever we do next, everyone’s going to hate it – there’s just no way we can top that [album].’

“There were a lot of really dark times during that period, and I was drinking again, which I haven’t talked about a lot, but it was a really difficult time for me.” 

On where the band was at personally after the release of their final album, Danger Days.

“It was tough on all the guys. We scrapped records, spent millions of dollars, and we were touring on this record, and it didn’t feel like the world needed My Chem anymore.

“When we were breaking out and fighting, there was the Bush administration, wars for oil, and all this stuff, so it was a good time to be counter culture.

“But when ‘Danger Days’ was out, we had Obama, things were going really well, we were making so much progress.

“I’m able to read the writing on the wall pretty clearly, and I was like, ‘Nobody really needs us now – I think it’s time to finish.’”

On the future of My Chemical Romance:

“I think My Chem will always be there for us if we want it, but it adds a layer of stress.

“When something gets really big like that, it’s hard on you for many reasons, and it’s very stressful, so I wouldn’t want to disrupt anybody’s life right now.”

After the conclusion of My Chemical Romance, Way turned to one of his other art appreciations: comic books.

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