Talking about Zac Farro, if you haven’t followed many of the music news lately, will probably make you think instantly about Paramore. And although that’s not a bad thing (after all he’s drumming on their new album), Zac and his project Halfnoise are making their own name in the music scene.

Halfnoise’s latest album, released barely a few days ago, is a piece of music that shows exactly where Zac is currently. It’s also evidence of what this project is about; going forward with the music he feels comfortable with and discovering himself as a singer and creator. Coming from the punk-pop-rock scene with Paramore, seeing him do this kind of music for Sudden Feeling is surprising in the best way possible. It is refreshing and definitely an experience that will make you live in the summer every time you listen to one of its songs.

The songs on this album are proof that voice effects and the mixing of different instruments and rhythms can be done beautifully without sounding overproduced.

So if you haven’t heard the album yet, this is the time to do so. It is available to purchase on iTunes, Google Play Music and you can stream it basically anywhere.


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