Australia based grunge rock band Halfwait have released a video for their single, ‘Changes’. The video carries and important message, that dates back to the bands’ story that you can read here.

In the video, there are distinct moments that symbolize many different things. For example according to Chris Tallon (drummer of Halfwait), Jon Barca, vocalist and guitarist, is seen living the life where he can live the musician life without anyone holding him back. However, there’s a darker side to it as he’s also very lonely when he’s not making music or with people he likes.

Tallon also stated, “The bum in the video symbolises somebody taking something with no intention of giving back.. also with the two guys trying to grab at him also symbolizes people wanting without giving back.. until he finally finds the girl he’s been looking for and even she is taken by somebody else, Jon ends up going home alone.”

The video is very detailed and even pays tribute to their late friend, Levi, who’s name is tattooed on one of the men in the video.

Click below to watch this great work of art!

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