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South Jersey’s The Creds are on the move and on the rise. Their self-titled freshman EP was released earlier this year, and it showcases the trio’s embracement of acerbic punk values. “We really try to write the most honest songs we can,” says guitarist and frontman Mike Yates, whose lyrics explore themes of “social injustice, personal issues, politics, poverty, the state of the word, the scene, and so on.” Musically, The Creds are rapid and austere, churning out badass—and totally skateable—anthems in the tradition of Ten Foot Pole and 98 Mute. They cite influences ranging from Bad Religion and NOFX to FEAR and the Dead Kennedys, and they would certainly do all these bands proud: The Creds are out there doing yeoman’s work to keep the pulse of punk rock thumping strong. Check them out here and on Facebook, and be on the lookout for their second EP, which is scheduled to release this fall.

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