Do you need some new music to listen to? We, the writers at All Punked Up, decided to collaborate and discuss what we can’t stop playing on repeat. Whether the album is old or new, here is what we’ve been listening to and what we think you should check out!

After Laughter (2017) — Paramore

“I like to describe Paramore’s latest record as “the album I didn’t know I needed”, because I feared that by pushing too hard, I would dislike it. But change is inevitable and when it is well made, I am all in. Hayley, Taylor and Zac came up with an album that goes beyond anything they’d done before, while maintaining what makes Paramore what it’s always been: an honest, open, kickass and heartwretching band. After Laughter is not for everyone, and yet it is because of its pop-ish approach. Songs like Caught In The Middle, Idle Worship, No Friend and 26 can be the ones that have more similarities to their previous songs; but others like Rose-Colored Boy, Fake Happy and Hard Times while being the most different are damn catchy and honest, making them hard to forget and dislike.” – Chevy

Cinematics (2012) – Set It Off

Set It Off’s album Cinematics, has a sound that represents its title. Listeners can expect a dramatic sound that can most commonly be found in a movie. Tracks like “I’d Rather Drown” and “Plastic Promises” push the boundaries with their hints of anger and frustration; while tracks like “Dream Catcher” is elegant and up lifting. This album is full of songs about love, acceptance, heartbreak, anger, and everything else in between making this album so relatable by it’s listeners. Cinematics has an intensity and drama to it that keeps the album playing on repeat.” – Natalie

Discovering The Waterfront (2005) – Silverstein

Silverstein is one of those bands that have been in the scene for a while, yet the name is unfortunately overlooked. Considered a fan-favorite, Discovering The Waterfront demonstrates a perfect mix of clean and unclean vocals. After all, it is difficult to find a band these days with a vocalist who does both. If you are new to this band or heavier music in general, start with songs such as ‘My Heroine,’ ‘Smile In Your Sleep,’ and my personal favorite, ‘Call It Karma.’” – Jina

Blush (2016)Moose Blood

“You know how sometimes your heart just aches for some deep emo melody? Well, Moose Blood certainly delivers that in Blush. Honestly, I’ve had this album playing nonstop since saw the band first headline a show. Moose Blood’s simple yet real music is relatable to pretty much anyone. Plus, the color scheme of the album is a simple pastel pink that totally magnifies the point of the album. It isn’t a hardcore rock album, but a light musical sound with a “punch you in the gut with feels” vibe coming from the lyrics. In general, I love supporting this band because they are some of the sweetest guys out there and I am so genuinely impressed by their growth, I don’t think I’ll ever stop listening to Blush.” – Alex

Science Fiction (2017)Brand New

“Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of Brand New. Their newest album, Science Fiction totally reminded me of how great they really are. Even though their newest album is really great, it immediately made me run to their Deja Entendu album. Let me just say, I do not regret my decision. The angst, rebellion, and understanding of the music brought me back in time and I loved it. Their music will always have a special place in me, but it’s something about their music that brings me back in time and can make me think for hours.” – John

Heatwave (2017)HARBOUR

“I got into HARBOUR sometime in 2016 when I came across their self-titled album (2015). I was immediately hooked with the catchy choruses and easy-listening/laid back vibe. The band is like no other I’ve heard before. HARBOUR came out with their latest album Heatwave this month (August 2017) and it did not disappoint. The album’s track list flows perfectly and provides such a great easy-listening experience. The album’s last track “Judy You Hung the Moon” will definitely make you push the replay button.” – Tyler

What have you been listening to this month? Let us know!