Do you need some new music to listen to? We, the writers at All Punked Up, decided to collaborate and discuss what we can’t stop playing on repeat. Whether the album is old or new, here is what we’ve been listening to and what we think you should check out!

Lovely Little Lonely (2017) — The Maine

“The best album of the year so far for me, and it will surely be among one of my all time favorites. The Maine’s new album is a mix of heartfelt lyrics with sounds that grab rock, pop and alternative influences with a lot of exploration. What makes this album even more interesting is the fact that most of the songs seem like they don’t end but continue in the next one, which is why you have (at least for the first time) to listen to the album in order so the experience is complete. They also have three songs called “Lovely”, “Little” and “Lonely” which together form the album’s name, showing how well the album was thought as a whole. My favorite song from the album has to be “The Sound of Reverie”, its lyrics speak about life in general and can be applied to many situations, while the music is fun and in some parts harder to show the intensity of the song”. – Chevy

A Lesson In Romantics (2007) – Mayday Parade

“The album I’ve had on repeat lately is Mayday Parade’s A Lesson In Romantics, getting ready for their 10 year anniversary tour. The album itself, to me, has always been a masterpiece. It has the perfect balance of love and hurt. Through all the songs, and their titles, you can see the true emotion that was put into creating this wildly successful album. By truly listening to this album and hearing, not only the beauty in the notes, but the story that lies within the lyrics, you can hear how Mayday Parade poured their life into this album. Another amazing thing about this album, is it’s sense of timelessness. 10 years ago this album was released, and the fact that 10 years later we’re still listening to it and singing along shows something spectacular about the album. How a set of 12 songs put together, because a band had a story to tell with each one, can have such an impact on a group of people. For me personally, “I’d Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About” and “When I Get Home You’re So Dead” will always be some of my favorite songs from the album. But every song tells a story, with a few that tug on the heart strings, which shows the true beauty of A Lesson In Romantics.” – Natalie

Say Anything (2009) – Say Anything

Say Anything’s, Say Anything album has a way of drawing you back in no matter what year it is. Each song has a unique feel to it. Songs like “Less Cute” show’s creativity, being written from a woman’s point of view. While “Amen” shows off The bands more spiritual side. Keeping the album diverse and fans on their toes.” – Tabitha

Harry Styles (2017) – Harry Styles

“Within a day, Harry Styles’s self-title album had become the center point of my life. The former pop star may be becoming a borderline rock star, revitalizing the old school rock vibes of the times. This is an album best heard on vinyl, much like any other rock and roll. Every song has its own detailed story that is so easy to get lost in. The music ranges from rock ballads like “Sign of the Times” to bops like “Kiwi.” This debut album has been on repeated since midnight and who knows when I will finally shuffle onto something else.” – Alex

Eternity, In Your Arms (2017) – Creeper

“By far my favorite release of 2017 thus far, English band Creeper’s debut album Eternity, In Your Arms acts as the perfect introduction to horror punk for those pop punk fans out there. With its theatrical and eerie opening track “Black Rain,” listeners are already paying attention to the variety of instruments and vocals the band presents. With plenty of classic punk rock elements throughout and a touch of pop punk catchiness in tracks like “Hiding With Boys” and “Down Below,” this album is for sure to be one of the most memorable of the year.” – Jina