When I first talked to Hope, it was two years ago and I remember being inspired by VISTA and the interview I had with them. Their energy as a band was pure and passionate. Now, I had a chance to follow up with Hope, see where that passion has taken her, and talk about her career, both with VISTA and without. We talked a bit of reflection on the past and where the future will hopefully be taking her:

Hope Vista performs in Buffalo on June 26th, 2018. (via Ali Fitzgerald, @alfitzpics)

After spending so much time working on building VISTA over the past few years, what made you want to release solo work?

Hope: It wasn’t really a desire to release solo work; it was a desire to release this song in particular. It spoke to me and I wanted it to speak to others.

For your new single, what in particular inspired you?

Hope: Feelings of defeat. Feeling like I had nothing left to offer in my passions and work. The sounds of those feelings were deafening.

Were you planning to release a solo track or did you fall into it?

Hope: No, it just happened. I wrote this song, ended up recording it during the writing session, and decided to release it.

What should we expect from your band VISTA in the coming year?

Hope: Can’t really say yet, mostly because I’m honestly not sure. We’re working on a lot of stuff and have ideas floating around, but have been mostly focusing on writing since November.

And as far as your other project, your autobiography, how does it feel to be exploring this other realm? What can we expect from it? Are there any sort of themes that you’re hoping to highlight in particular?

Hope: It’s natural; this is what I studied in school for years, I was always writing in school and hadn’t for years before I started writing this book. I was written out once I finished my senior thesis. It felt natural and normal to start typing out on a Google doc again and spilling myself out. My story explores many themes, but the primary is geared towards how trauma has affected all facets of my life.

Has your career in PR helped prepare you for the music/writing world? If so, how?

Hope: It was actually the opposite way around. I have a Bachelor’s degree in writing, and I never took a PR class; I didn’t start my company until after I got my BFA and started VISTA. Those two things helped me prepare to start 25/8 PR through both formal education in writing and real-world experience in the music industry as a current musician.

Buffalo, NY. June 26th, 2018. (via Ali Fitzgerald, @alfitzpics)

Is there one section of your life you want to focus more on or are you keen on staying involved in all of it?

Hope: VISTA is my primary focus always, but I also work a ton and of course have to put focus on that in order to pay my bills and upkeep my life. No matter what though, VISTA will always be my priority.

With so much going on, what are you most looking forward to this year?

Hope: Continuing to write music with VISTA and seeing how we evolve through the process.

What are you hoping to get out of all the work you’re putting in? Do you have a particular end goal?

Hope: The primary goal is to just be able to financially sustain myself by working in my passion. That’s always been the goal.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Hope: Hopefully able to afford to eat salmon at least 3 times a week because I’m succeeding in my passion.