Looks like the Houston Police department in Texas has arrested 130 people in connection to a band-gear theft ring. Of those already arrested, some were gang members and suspects with lengthy criminal histories. Apparently, more arrests are expected to be made. The theft ring would set their sights on public events, but would heavily target concerts where they would steal gear, trailers or even vans from bands. The ring would then take those items and sell them or ship them to Mexico. How much did the steal? It’s been reported that the theft ring stole upwards of two million dollars worth of stuff.

“The majority of these individuals have been charged with engaging in organized criminal activity,” says Capt. Edwards. “Other charges include aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault, felony theft, and retaliation. And to date the amount of property recovered is estimated to be upwards of $2 million dollars. In the course of this past year, this collaborative effort, through cooperation and communication, flexibility and a focused work ethic has led to the dismantling of this criminal enterprise.”