Punk rock band Tiny Moving Parts played a headlining sold out show in Lakewood, OH at Mahall’s on February 2nd, 2018 and it was packed with talented pop-punk  opening acts like Jetty Bones, Oso Oso and Mom Jeans..

Jetty Bones was first to hit the stage, she has a way of setting the tone for the rest of the night. Bopping around the stage while keeping the crowds attention with catchy songs such as “Clear Honey,” a track filled with relatable lyrics and a distinct pop-punk feel. Along with “No Lover” a more mellow track but still keeping the live energy up. Jetty Bones likes to take time between songs to relay powerful messages to the audience that will leave you feeling inspired. She closed her set with “Coasting Lines” where anger is clear as words “You never took me to see the ocean” are strung together as Jetty Bones encourages the crowd to sing along with her.

Jetty Bones Set List:
“Second Death in a Rabbit Hole”
“Clear Honey”
“No Lover”
“Innocent Party”
“Coasting Lines”

Following Jetty Bones came Oso Oso, a true gem at the this show. Every song they played had the crowd hooked in creating instant fans. They opened their set with “the cool” from the second the first note hits you’ll fall in love with their music, much like their song “reindeer games” which has an addictive danceable feeling to it. The vocals in “shoes (the sneaker song)” is carried out in a calming manner which will leave you wanting more. Oso Oso closed their set on “out of the blue” which is also the last track on their record the yunahon mixtape. The music to the song is upbeat with lyrics that contradict that feeling with lines such as “learning how to untie that noose, properly groove by groove.” This song was the perfect way to tie together this set.

Oso Oso Set List:
“the cool”
“reindeer games”
“the walk”
“shoes (the sneaker songs)”
“the slope”
“great big beaches”
“out of the blue”

Mom Jeans. was next to take the stage, opening with “Shred Cruz,” the band came out guns blazing with the fast paced, strong vocal track. The crowd clumped together in the small venue shouting along to the lyrics. Their set also included “Death Cup” a song with a soothing sound, even when it picks up towards the chorus. “Poor Boxer Shorts” was another catchy track played, so catchy that the music will get stuck in your head. Mom Jeans. kept their set energized, entertaining and swift, closing on “Scott Pilgrim V. My Gpa” a subtly slow song, switching up the atmosphere on the set to make it unique. Mom Jeans. definitely made new fans along with impressing ones they already had.

Mom Jeans. Set List:
“Shred Cruz”
“YIKES (daddy wants wings)”
“Death Cup”
“Edward 40hands”
“Season 9 Ep. 2-3”
“Poor Boxer Shorts”
“Girl Scout Cookies”
“Scott Pilgrim V. My Gpa”

Last came Tiny Moving Parts of course, with a set full of emo driven, punk-rock vibe. Opening with “Applause” a powerful and strong track from the music to the vocals. “Sundress” another song played with more of an elegant melodic feel to it. One hard hitting track that stuck out amongst the others was “Common Cold” from the torturous vocals to the changes in tempo playing alongside lyrics to a chorus that’ll have “turn the lights off, turn the lights off” lodged in your head for days. Tiny Moving Parts play each song with energy and gracefully, their music isn’t the softest but their stage presence is elegant, this is shown in “Warm Hand Splash” and “Dakota”, their supposed “final song” before their encore “Caution.”

Tiny Moving Parts Set List:
“Common Cold”
“Warm Hand Splash”
“Stay Warm”
“Feel Alive”
“Smooth It Out”
“Fair Trade”
“Good Enough”
“Happy Birthday”
“Always Focused”
Encore- “Caution”