The boys next door garage band vibe has been rising in the world of punk lately. With bands like Trophy Eyes and The Front Bottoms climbing to new found heights, every punk fan is dying to get in early on the newest grunge crazes. Iris Jupiter is exactly that.

Some bands are built on crude chord progression matched with echoing late night relatable thoughts guising themselves as lyrics. In Iris Jupiter’s single, Life Pile, it’s easy to get lost in the real life nuances because the band provides a unique musicality to the echoing concept of depression and millennial madness. This subtle depth is paired with the a classic punk jam session.

An addition like this to the punk scene doesn’t come around too often and when it does, you should capitalize on it early. You can pre-order their album here.

The self-titled album will be released on January 13th. What better way to start off the new year than with some classic punk music and also a tour.

Iris Jupiter will be on tour in California and Washington (tour dates below):

1/1 Fullerton CA – Programme HQ
1/2 Oakland CA – Oakland.Secret
1/3 Eugene OR – Old Nick’s Pub
1/4 Seattle WA – The Victory Lounge
1/5 Bellingham WA – Jacuzzi House
1/6 Portland OR – Anarres Info Shop
1/7 San Francisco CA – The Honey Hive
1/8 Goleta CA – The Hard to Find
1/14 Pomona CA – VLHS (Album Release Show)

Contributed by Alex West | @PresidentWestie