UPDATE 5/9/17: To fuel the fire that is an upcoming Box Car Racer reunion, Tom DeLonge asked the Twitterverse today who should be featured on the next Box Car Racer album “if there was one”.

If a Box Car album/EP doesn’t happen now, this may be one of the worst teases ever.

If you missed all of the rumors about a possible BCR reunion, continue reading below.

ORIGINAL: The post-hardcore sound of 2002’s Box Car Racer lead by guitarist Tom DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker could be making a comeback soon. Well, soonish according to some of DeLonge’s social media behavior that seems to be leaning towards that narrative.

Known as the band who started the demise of Blink-182 in 2005, Box Car Racer hasn’t seen the light of day in a long time. However, DeLonge, who is the founder of the band, has been keeping the band on his mind lately in a series of events.

Those events start with Tom’s recent share of the band’s song, “There Is” on his official Facebook page. Tom doesn’t usually share other music during this busy time of year, since he’s been busy collaborating with government officials to release his, “special announcement” in the near future. He’s also busy creating music for his new feature film, Strange Times. It was odd, but some believe it’s more than a reminiscent post.

Shortly after that, DeLonge sold a limited amount of Box Car Racer vinyl for preorder on his website ToTheStars.media, where he mainly sells Angels and Airwaves related products. The vinyl sold out almost a day after they were announced, especially on National Record Day, where Tom signed every vinyl that was bought that day.

Finally, the clue that slightly peaked my interest and put the clues together was Tom’s tweet to Travis Barker, where he claimed he spoke to him on an important phone call. With all of the buzz and wonders of a reunion, one can only believe that a reunion tour or recording session of Box Car Racer might be in the works.

If this was nothing but a friendly phone call, Tom wouldn’t have tweeted about it.

Oh, and then there was this tweet from today (5/6/7):

There is doubt; however, with the thought of how active Blink-182 is with their current tour and their claimed third album in two years coming late 2017, the timetable of this reunion is questionable. If they were to make a second album but not tour, then maybe it could happen within the next year?

However, with how much drama the band caused last time DeLonge and Barker did something without bassist Mark Hoppus, there would have to be major planning involved to reduce the risk of yet another conflict.

Regardless of their relationships, it seems like DeLonge and Barker are pretty serious about this reunion of Tom’s best musical endeavor yet.

UPDATE: Tom retweeted this tweet today (5/7/17)”

Maybe this thing is going to happen after all. We can only hope!