Whenever you have a band that’s been around for 20-plus years, you’re bound to come across some demos that never surfaced on an album. For some bands, their record label cuts songs that may not feel right for the album, or the band themselves just don’t like it. For Blink-182, however, their situation is a little different.

Since former guitarist Tom DeLonge left the band in 2015, there have been bits and pieces of songs that have surfaced. Especially right now, when rumors of the former guitarist rejoining the band came along, fans dug deep and tried to find some possible demos that could’ve been on the next Blink-182 album with DeLonge. Somehow, someway, we found some light.

Prior to DeLonge leaving in 2015, he had written a few songs that would’ve been on the next record the band would’ve recorded. He ended up releasing a few of those on his solo record To The Stars…Demos, Odds, and Ends. However, we found one demo that seemingly didn’t make the mix, and it’s good.


Despite the putrid quality of the demo, it’s quite obvious what you’re hearing. It’s the ending of a song with Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge harmonizing. From what I’ve heard, it sounds like Mark singing about being “long forgotten” and Tom comes in to harmonize with “she’s silent, she’s terrible”. You have to listen closely, but it sure sounds close.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, “How can you prove this is real? Especially from an unsourced creator?”. Well, there’s another video that this Youtube account has posted, which nearly guarantees this is a true recording. Their account also provided a video, which appears to have been another Blink-182 demo.

The song, which is considerably close to “Golden Showers In The Golden State” from To The Stars… Demos, Odds, and Ends. Listen to the clip below, and then take a listen to the official song. Pay attention to the melody in the demo, as well as the ending of “Golden Showers In The Golden State”.

Here’s the demo:

Now here’s the official song:

The melody, “California” being sung in both songs is undeniably not a coincidence. The fact that this came from the same source that released the aforementioned demo makes you think that it must be real. Regardless, we truly missed out on another great song from Mark and Tom.

Guess we’ll just have to listen to that awful quality of a recording.