It seems as if Tom DeLonge’s tweets about being back in the studio aren’t just a tease!

DeLonge posted an Instagram video of himself in the studio working on what appears to be an acoustic album. He’s seen going up to the computer screen to show the title “A Little’s Enough”, which appeared on We Don’t Need To Whisper and was Angels and Airwaves first record.

#BackToRecording #AcouticAlbum

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Tom has long teased his fans about an acoustic album, in which he would re-record the songs but twist them into acoustics.

Now, this doesn’t mean Tom isn’t working on other projects like Strange Times, which is going to be the newest AVA album with new music, like he’s announced before.

However, it would be nice to see how well Tom can cover his older songs in the studio nearly over ten years since he’s created them.

Should be interesting with the vocal change, to say the least.

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