Can you believe that the first month of 2018 is almost over? To ring in the new year, the writers of All Punked Up are here to share not only what we’ve been listening to, but why you should be listening to these albums too!


Vale (2018) – Black Veil Brides

“The album I’ve had on repeat lately is Vale by Black Veil Brides. Throughout the course of the album, Black Veil Brides resurface the characters of ‘The Wild Ones’. As told through the lyrics, they face the challenge of moving on from the pain of the events of the last album and starting this new chapter of their lives. Tracks like ‘Wake Up’ and ‘The Outsider’ are fist-pumping rock songs with catchy melodies that you can’t help but want to sing along no matter where you are. ‘When They Call My Name” is one of the most personal songs on the album; the violin and harp in the beginning of the song adds beauty and a softer tone to the album. This album is also relatable to a lot of the audience. Black Veil Brides have always been representative of the outcasts and they definitely kept that message throughout this album.” – Natalie 

Double Dare (2016) – Waterparks

“In anticipation of Waterparks’ new album Entertainment, I played a lot of their previous songs—especially from Double Dare. This band is one that keeps pop-punk as alive as possible nowadays and their colorful, yet strong songs are too catchy. ‘21 Questions’ is probably my favorite; I tend to love songs that start slow and then explode in euphoria and this song definitely does that. Overall, Double Dare is a good example of the pop-punk culture and the discovery of a band that is gaining more and more popularity as days go by. Their talent is undeniable.” – Chevy

Best Buds (2016) – Mom Jeans

“The record is full of gems like ‘Sobs Quietly’, an easy-listening track with catchy vocals; and ‘Death Cup’, which stays true to the album’s smooth vibes and hooks you into the record.” – Tabitha

Overexposed (2017) – Sleep On It

“It would be fair to say that 2017 was the year when Sleep On It really blew up in the pop punk scene. With their newest release, Overexposed, it is hard to believe that this is their debut full-length album. Many songs contain the classic “happy sound, sad lyrics” element, especially with tracks such as ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Hope’. Oh, and don’t forget ‘that one acoustic-based slow song that every pop punk album has’—being ‘Brighter Shade of Blue’ in this particular album. Sleep On It is a band who delivers a happy medium between the early-2000s and post-2010s pop punk decades and it certainly won’t surprise me to see them headlining tours by the end of this year.” – Jina

My Oldest Friend – EP (2012) – Have Mercy

“Sometimes, we listen to certain songs to hold on to the nostalgia that comes with them. Have Mercy happens to be a band that, with their intricate and poetic lyrics, is able to transport almost anyone back into moments where they were the most exposed. This month, I’ve held on tight to four of their songs—the My Oldest Friend EP. In many ways, this EP seems to be full of emotional complexities that somehow seem both personal to the writers, but also relatable to the human condition. It’s rare that music like this can narrate exactly what is happening in one’s life, but I have been listening to it all month and it never fails to disappoint.” – Alex




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