Let’s take a trip back in time, even before I was born, to recognize a band that inspired dozen’s of other bands. The Cure’s infectious sound illuminated music, enabling punk bands’ from around the world to dabble into some aspects of music that involved love, breakups, and melancholy.

Here are my top three songs from The Cure.

3. Plainsong

Have you ever heard a song that makes you think of an ex? No? Listen to this, but then turn your phone off. With only nine lines in the entire song, it still evokes a lot of emotion, not to mention the eery tone it brings throughout the song. It was designed in a way as if there was a conversation between a man and a woman, adding to it’s awesome uniqueness.

There’s a solid two and a half minutes before there’s any lyrics to the song, but it’s well worth the wait.

2. Boys Don’t Cry

Again, another breakup song. However, this one is better than the last.

Boys’ Don’t Cry is a classic, yet timeless song. It’s designed in such a way where the guitar chords are upbeat, yet the lyrics are as melancholy as they can get. The song mainly focuses on the regrets of singer Robert Smith, and how he can’t change them. It’s less about how sad he is about a lost love, but of how disappointed he is in himself.

Many believe the song is about Smith apologizing, however I don’t believe that’s the case.

1. A Letter To Elise

Arguably, this is The Cure’s best song, but I wouldn’t argue that. This song is easily the most well crafted piece of art the band has ever produced. The riffs are fantastic, yet flow with the lyrics so well. The song covers the idea that Smith will never be able to love a woman as much as she loves him, which is disastrous for a relationship.

It’s a constant reminder that somethings’ in life may not be as they seem, and that you cannot force feelings.

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