Johnny’s Jams is a segment where I, John Aubert, give you my top three songs, bands, albums, etc. They may not be the most popular songs, bands, or albums, but I explain why they mean so much to me. Enjoy.

If you haven’t noticed by now, Blink-182 is my favorite band of all time. It’s something about their music that brings me nostalgia from when I was a little guy. The riffs and melodic bridges always enticed me and always left me wanting more. I grew up with this band and I’ve entered adulthood with this band. Through thick and thin, Blink was always my go-to band whenever I got the chance to choose a music genre.

With that being said, here are my top three Blink-182 songs. Believe me, they were harder to pick than you think.

3. Asthenia.

Ahh, the pre-Angels and Airwaves Tom DeLonge space riffs. I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical when Tom decided to branch into the U2 sound, but when he started dwindling with synths and delay pedals while keeping his Blink-182 touch, it was golden. Not only were the riffs great, but the story behind the song is what made it even more special to me.

According to, DeLonge had a special mind during the creation. Delong stated, “The whole song theme’s about these two guys sitting in their spaceship, not bigger than a car, they’re looking through the window and see the space, they can see the earth away. The idea is that they can die up there but that it’s maybe worst getting back down on earth. ‘Let me die in space.’ Asthenia means the loss of all vital conditions.”

As a space enthusiast myself, it’s a pretty cool thought put into a song.

2. Reckless Abandon.

It’s incredibly hard to choose a favorite off of the Take Off Your Pants and Jacket album, believe me, but this song will always have a special place in my mind. If there’s anything the high school days brought me, the best part was shenanigans with my friends. Spending the days doing stupid stuff everyday without a care in the world had to be the highlight before being greeted into the world of adulthood. My friends and I had the best times together before college and this song describes our adventures almost to perfection, especially the bridge.

You know who you are if you’re reading this, so thank you for all of the great times. I’m glad I can turn to this song and laugh uncontrollably as I think of those great times.

We definitely wasted it all to have a summer that we could recall a memory that’s full of fun.

1. Stay Together For The Kids.

As a lot of kids who grew up in a somewhat broken home, this song will always mean everything to me. This song was one of those that made you feel okay in a situation that was definitely not okay. With both songwriters DeLonge and Mark Hoppus having a broken family life in the past, their shadows casted on all of the kids who suffered the same fate as them when they were younger.

The construction behind the song was what made it resonate with people a lot more. The way it sounded melodic and beautiful and then hit hard with deep power chords and bone chilling darkness.

For a lot of those kids who grew up in a not-so great environment, this helped open up a world to those who needed to let out their frustrations in a healthy manner. Thank you for that, Blink.

It was tough choosing my top three songs from Blink, believe me. However, these three songs will always resonate with me in a special place, not because of how high they made it on the charts, but how they made me feel and how they implanted themselves in my brain.

I think that’s how everyone should choose their favorite music.