Johnny’s Jams is a segment where I, John Aubert, give you my top three songs, bands, albums, etc. They may not be the most popular songs, bands, or albums, but I explain why they mean so much to me. Enjoy.

To me, Jimmy Eat World carries some of the most understanding music that I’ve ever heard. Between Jim Adkins and Tom Linton’s lyricism, they’ve been able to exercise heartache, cynicism, and touch on basic emotions that teenage angst holds. From their albums ‘Bleed American’ to ‘Chase This Light’, I’ll pick out my top three favorite Jimmy Eat World songs.

3. Work.

Work was the second single released from 2004’s album ‘Chase This Light’. For me, this song was incredibly well put together and contained a lot of emotion. To me, it was about getting away and harvesting time. The lyrics, All I can say, I shouldn’t say, can we take a ride? Get out of this place, while we still have time.” The entire song is written like a poem and can make you feel several different emotions depending on your perspective at the time. It’s one of those songs that becomes endless.

2. Sweetness.

Besides ‘Middle’, this might just be the most known song Jimmy Eat World had ever produced. Lyrically it’s such a simple song, but the guitar and drum fills are almost mesmerizing and ass effective as an orchestra. This masterpiece reminds of when I was younger, sitting in the back of my sisters car listening to the radio way back when it was good. It’s a healthy reminder of simple times and great summers. If it weren’t for the next song, this would be my number one.

1. Let It Happen.

Now this is an unpopular opinion, but this song speaks volumes. The song is obviously about a breakup and about how someone is shaking off whatever his ex is saying about him. It takes you on a ride through someone’s breakup and how they’re just letting it happen. At one part in the song the singer takes blame and guilt, basically looking down on himself. “I wonder what is is you could have seen in me” kind of brings that thought to light.

Whenever Jimmy Eat World writes a song about a breakup, it’s destined to be a rollercoaster ride, but this one takes the cake for me. Even if you’re not in a breakup, these songs are always the best.

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