Green Day has nearly perfected the pop punk scene, having been almost untouched by time. From their breakout album, ‘Dookie’, to 2016’s ‘Revolution Radio’, they’ve kept the same punk tone and have dominated throughout the decades.

Now, there are a lot of songs to choose from Green Day that can be a top favorite, or even their best song. However, I’ll tell you the story behind my favorite songs that they’ve let out into the airwaves.

3. Basket Case.

I couldn’t let this one leave my top ten, ever! Basket Case is a revolutionary song that absolutely changed punk rock forever. It’s appearance in 1994 was three years before I was born, but I remember it being one of my first favorite songs. It took years throughout my childhood to finally figure out what Billy mumbled after the first verse, but after a little maturing, I finally understood.

Basket Case will forever be that one song that will be in my playlist until I’m old and gray, where hopefully my kids, and grandkids will find that to be one of their favorites too.

2. When I Come Around.

Another jam, and another memory. This great song from ‘Dookie’ reminds me of summer nights, long car rides with friends, and late nights on the roofs of our houses. Rumor has it, Billie wrote this song about being away from his girlfriend and the frustrations the both of them felt.

It’s a great song that will always be on the radio, even after Green Day is no longer making music.

1.Still Breathing.

I’m not going to lie, I was deathly unsure about how Revolution Radio would sound, but it’s one of the bands’ best albums. When I heard Still Breathing, I was instantly handed my favorite Green Day song. It’s a great song that speaks the truth about the storms that head our way in life.

We all go through things, some worse than others. However, you can always get through it. You’ll come out alive, still breathing.

It’s always a reminder that no matter what everything will be okay, no matter if you’re battle scarred.

That’s why It’s my favorite.

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