Johnny’s Jams is a segment where I, John Aubert, give you my top three songs, bands, albums, etc. They may not be the most popular songs, bands, or albums, but I explain why they mean so much to me. Enjoy.

The Used, from what I know, have a variety of timelines. To some, they bring back memories of the early 2000’s and the early remembrance of when punk rock stabilized a great variety of melancholy punk bands. To me, they remind me of those old, weird, and awkward middle school days that I’m sure a lot can relate to.

Not only that, but they remind me of long summers, old friends you haven’t seen in a while, and good times I can barely remember.

Here are my top three The Used songs.

3. I’m A Fake.

Yeah, obviously having this one at number three is telling you how hard it was to choose these.

I’m A Fake’ is possibly one of the most iconic songs by The Used besides “All That I’ve Got.”

I’m a Fake came out in 2004 when the hardcore/post hardcore movement was going strong. It was a song that mocked the people who cut themselves just to prove themselves to the emo scene. Now, i didn’t relate to that in any sense, but I remember this song specifically because of when I used to steal my brothers iPod and skate with this song on repeat. (If you’re reading this, sorry Jimmy). It was one of those instant classics that caught my attention because of how dynamic it was back in the day.

2. All That I’ve Got.

Before in the other bands I’ve rated, I’ve always chosen songs that were my favorite, not most famous. Call me basic or whatever, but this song was the bomb back then (still is now).

This song sticks out because of one thing; Saints Row 2. I used to sit in my room on a cheetah printed recliner from a garage sale, playing this game all night in the summer. You used to be able to select which songs you can listen to, so I’d spend hours making sure the custom radio in the game was pure punk rock. This song was always the number one on the list whenever I’d start up the game.

Some people may be able to relate, but this song was one of the only The Used songs you’d hear on the actual radio as well. I’d always think, “Wow, that song from Saints Row is on!” every time. Never realize how big the world is when you’re so young.

1. Let It Bleed.

Bet you thought I’d choose ‘The Taste Of Ink’…. NOPE!

‘Let it Bleed’ was a late song that I picked up from The Used. It took me until the middle of high school to find this gem because of how hidden it was.

“In Love and Death” was easily one of the bands’ best albums that had many great songs, so its hard to find some of the non-mainstream songs.

This song, for some reason, just got to me. The arrangement of the verses and chorus, the tone of the guitars, and not to mention, Bert McCracken’s voice in this was top notch.

The way the chorus sang out, “Let it Bleed” was just one of those sounds that appealed to me and made it my favorite song this band has ever created. It’s hard for a band to perfectly pitch a song and make it sound a certain way that attracts fans, but this one peaked my interest.