In the wake of Lil Peep’s death, an artist I haven’t heard of until his passing (which is unfortunate), I decided to check out what he was all about. I listened to a few of his songs, most of which I found to be great.

However, I noticed something familiar in his song, “The Song They Played (when I crashed into the wall). The opening acoustic riff truly reminded me of something that I’ve heard before somewhere, and then It hit me.

That riff was made by Tom DeLonge.

After searching up some videos, I finally found its origin. it’s from Blink-182’s MTV album launch from 2003.

Want to hear it for yourself? Listen to Lil Peep’s song below.

Now, skip to 6:15 of blink’s album launch video and your mind will be blown.

Rest in peace Lil Peep.

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