According to Billboard, both Linkin Park and Weezer are in talks with The Chainsmokers to do some type of collaboration.

One half of The Chainsmokes, Alex Pall, admitted that he got a call from Linkin Park while on the toilet to get the talks flowing (no pun intended). As for Weezer, they originally turned down the chance to cameo at the duo’s 2016 Coachella set, but looks like they’ve had a change of heart.

Pall tells Billboard:

“They were like, ‘Yo! We should do a track together,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, really?’ ” says Pall. “I can’t blame somebody for saying no early on, but it depends on how you said no and how you came back to us. If you own it, like, ‘I didn’t see the vision, but it’s clear now and it’s super sick,’ I get that. It feels good when those people are like…” Taggart finishes the thought: “Thirsty.”

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