U.K pop-punk band Trash Boat recently released Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through on June 17. The album is an ear pleaser to fans of Neck Deep, The Story So Far and Knuckle Puck. If you haven’t already started listening to this band, here’s a couple reasons why you should.

Trash Boat released one other album, Brainwork and an EP, Look Alive in 2015 on Hopeless Records. Suggested tracks: “Lock-In” off Look Alive and “Eleven” off Brainwork

Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Though, was produced by The Wonder Years‘ frontman Dan “Soupy” Campbell. Campbell is featured on the album’s single “Strangers,” which is full of powerful lyrics such as “I know it’s desperate/but I see you on every strangers face.”

TRASH BOAT // STRANGERS (ft. Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell of The Wonder Years). So lay the weight of your world on me. I’ll keep it off your back until you get back up on your feet - you’re always doing the same for me.

Trash Boat recently wrote a Facebook post on “You Know, You Know, You Know” off Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through. The post tells how the song was written for his mother after a close friend of hers committed suicide you can read the full post here.

You can catch Trash Boat on the Reading Leeds Festival on Aug. 26 and more.


Contributed by Tabitha Timms | @TabithaTimmss