As far as local artists go, I often question why so many music fans love them. In a way, there’s a sense of attachment to a band that’s from your hometown. In the case of Hometime Band, this feeling is generally implied just by their name.

Pop punk music has been prospering in south-central and eastern Pennsylvania for quite some time. In the recent era, we’ve seen bands like Modern Baseball, Grayscale, and The Wonder Years have risen out of Philadelphia. The state of Pennsylvania is quite proud of bands like these, but Harrisburg is slowly becoming a city to check out when it comes to up and coming underground music.

Harrisburg is being regarded as an up and coming hipster paradise. Property prices are fairly cheap and the city has slowly started to grow over the past few years. With more people moving to the city, it’s no surprise that an exciting alternative music scene has been brewing. Small coffee shops and music venues have been taking hold in the area. Venues like HMAC (Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center) have been attracting more and more local and other bands.

In one of those coffee shops, Little Amps, I had the privilege of jamming out to a new band in the scene: Hometime. While most local bands tend to be genuinely enthusiastic about performing, these guys took it to a new level. You will not find a more excited and care-free band than this one. Their energy is just the beginning of what makes this band notable.

Guitarist and lead vocalist, Braiden Williams, is an engaging musician with an ability to reel the crowd in. His humor and storytelling allow music lovers to feel like just that much closer to the band. What he explained was the inspiration for many of the songs added a personal touch to the performance.

Bringing in the real energy was bassist Jack Feinberg. In reality, you will never find a more carefree and genuinely happy person. Since recently picking up the bass guitar after originally learning a six-string, Jack brings an element of skill to the band but is extremely notable for his energy. His excitement shines through as he performs, jumping and bouncing and dancing through every single beat. His rhythm and excitement are transformed into his instrument allowing for such a genuine musical experience.

And of course, Gordon Lauffer on the drums brings together the three-piece. His strong ability and breathtaking talent are recognizable to anyone who has had the privilege of hearing him play. Not only this but, just as the other guys, he is excited and engaging. The energy from the group radiates from him.

The truth is that these guys come together in unity. Any band that ever hopes to make it really needs to have this sense of compatibility; both musically and interpersonally.

To me, what was the most interesting about this experience wasn’t even the band at all, but what I saw when I looked around the room. The electricity that buzzed through the audience spoke wonders for the quality of music this band was presenting. At every show that I have been to what really dictates the success of the show has consistently been the band’s ability to spark something in the audience. A band’s music drives a common connection among show-goers and their music, which, in this case, is available here on Soundcloud, is able to catch me by surprise by its mere bona fide characteristic.

I go to a lot of show, as do most people in this music scene, but Hometime made me really think twice about everything. Music and this industry drains the life out of people. This band, while at the beginning of their journey, has a special vibe that I believe needs to be recognized. I implore everyone to give them a chance before they, as I know they will grow beyond our reach. What’s unique is that I don’t think these boys will lose that spark because their music is full of the passion that they give off.

Support local artists. Support Hometime band.

Follow them on Twitter: @hometimeband