One Direction has been on hiatus for over two years, so naturally, the boys have been working on independent projects to explore and try new things, something they did not often have the opportunity to do as a band.

Louis Tomlinson debuted “Miss You” on November 30th and it immediately contrasted his other work drastically. His previous songs (“Just Hold On”, “Just Like You”, “Back to You”) were distinctly more pop and electronica, even featuring artists like Steve Aoki and Bebe Rexha.

However, this new single brought out a completely different side of Louis Tomlinson. Not surprisingly either as some of the roots of the song mirror musicians he is known to fancy; such as The Fray or Nirvana. “Miss You” is for sure a pop-rock jam with punk undertones. The angst and emotion poured into the music is all there. Plus, there is a distinct level of defiance as he challenges the own cage that he has been build into as he tries to forget his lover.

“Miss You” has a familiar lighter instrumental with a warm melody similar to an All Time Low song. This isn’t a surprising stretch in genres for Tomlinson either, considering One Direction brought 5 Seconds of Summer on tour with them and 5sos and All Time Low have long since supported each other and have comparable music.

Fans have pointed out that this possible pop punk direction is similar to One Direction’s Midnight Memories album, which was a major move from their previous pop work. Many people who are not fans of One Direction have rarely taken to listening to their more rock-style music with an inability to look past their popular singles.

Louis Tomlinson’s “Miss You” reveals a possible change in his musical direction, but more importantly, it showcases his ability to bend across genres and succeed in almost anything he does. Give it a listen and see for yourself.