I’m not talking about the album that you currently have on repeat 24/7, nor am I talking about your declared “favorite album of the year.” I’m talking about your favorite album of all-time. Does it have to be an album by one of your favorite bands or artists? Do you have to love everything about every single song? Is it the album that you have listened to the most throughout your listening-audience career? Or is it an album that while you may not listen to it on a regular basis, when you do listen to it, it feels like you’re listening for the very first time despite the fact that you have actually given it hundreds of listens overtime? These are some of the questions we can consider to help determine what truly makes a favorite album.

“What’s your favorite album?” may sound like a simple question on the surface. However, if you’re a music fan and concert-enthusiast, it may take you a little more time to form a true and concrete answer. So, after addressing some of these questions, what is your all-time favorite album? Perhaps, it’s an album that every time you do listen to it, regardless of how many times you’ve listened to it in the past, you fall in love with it all over again.