Just prior to releasing Blink-182’s new single, “Misery”, Zane Lowe, host of Beats1 on Apple Music interviewed Mark Hoppus about the deluxe version of their album California.

During this interview, Lowe was able to squeeze out a sneak peak of what Blink could be working on in the future, when Hoppus admitted that the band will be working on a new album at the end of 2017.

When asked about their plans after a summer of touring, Hoppus stated, “We’ll be coming back from touring, take some time off, and at the end of this year we’ll go back in the studio and start writing the next album”.

With California out last year in 2016, the deluxe edition of the album out in 2017, and a new album that would be projected to come out in 2018, we’ll be seeing multiple years of creativity from the band.

It seems like Blink is on a roll of confidence with their new approach to their music creativity, hinting that they won’t be dropping their mic’s anytime soon.

Listen to the full interview below or here:

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