Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus recently did an interview with Red Bull TV where he talks about the time where he involuntarily took LSD which caused him to bail on a gig. It wasn’t a Blink-182 gig, however. It was a gig for one of his band’s prior to Blink. You can listen to his story below.

Here’s what Mark had to say (as transcribed by Alt Press):

“I have tried LSD but not on purpose. When I was at a party, somebody was going around putting acid in people’s drinks. And, literally, like, the acid hit right as our drummer was counting in—at the very top of our set.

“I looked down at my bass and the strings just stretched on to infinity. I just felt this god-awful panic. And I took off my bass and I sat it down and I just started running through the desert.

“But, yeah, that’s my one experience with acid. I did not enjoy that at all.”