Mark Hoppus talked with Pedestrian where he discussed the rumors swirling around about the rocky blink-182 and Tom DeLonge relationship. He essentially squashes the rumors and says it’d be a “total bummer if [Tom] didn’t get a chance to fly into outer space”.

Hoppus says, “I think that Tom’s very happy doing his thing, and we are very happy doing our thing, and there’s no hard feelings and there’s no animosity or bad blood there, it’s just like I said; he’s doing his stuff, we’re doing ours. I have not spoken to Tom since before ‘California’ came out. So not for a couple of years. But like I said before there’s no bad blood, it’s just we haven’t spoken. I mean he’s dedicated so much of his life to [UFOs] and so much time and energy researching things and listening to people speak, and talking about it himself, that it would seem like a total bummer if he didn’t get a chance to fly into outer space and see for himself.”

Tom DeLonge recently admitted why he left blink-182 and made it out to seem there would be no reunion for him and the band in the near future.