In a recent interview with USA Today, Mark Hoppus touched on Blink-182’s approach to playing the NCAA March Madness Music Festival, encores and reminisced about older songs the band wrote.

Blink-182 will be performing at this year’s NCAA March Madness Music Festival. Hoppus mentioned that when it comes to playing events where not everyone is as familiar with Blink as say their fans at concerts, then the band’s setlist is altered. “We tailor the set list and try to play singles,” he says. “It’s always a challenge because you’re playing for people who might not even know who you are, so we try and prove ourselves even more.”

When asked if he ever looks back on where he was at in life when performing a song, he said:

Even as a songwriter, and a member of Blink, we’ll play a song and I’ll think about what was going on in my life when we wrote the song, some of the earlier albums and earlier stuff was kind of like when you see pictures of yourself in junior high and you’re like ‘wow I wish hadn’t worn that.’ Looking back at some of the lyrics I wrote, they were pretty sophomoric. But even still, that’s where I was then.

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