Do you need some new music to listen to? Each month, the writers of All Punked Up team up to share what we can’t stop playing on repeat. Whether the album is old or new, here is what we’ve been listening to and what we think you should check out!

Victim to Villain (2013) – New Years Day

“Victim to Villain is the second full length album by rock band New Years Day. The album is full of thick sounds produced by the drums and the bass as well as intense melodies and lyrics. Songs like ‘I’m No Good’ and ‘Death of the Party’ are laced with infectious beats and melodies that get the listeners dancing and singing along. Their collaboration with Chris Motionless on the song ‘Angel Eyes’ provides a unique sound. Both of their voices compliment each other beautifully in this track. Overall this album has a very nice flow and is definitely worth checking out!” – Natalie


Be Nothing. (2016) – Boston Manor

“Sometimes an album makes it way back to you. Even though Be Nothing. has been out for nearly two years, I’ve recently found myself right back into it. Boston Manor somehow seems to capture the upbeat, yet mildly pessimistic mood I’ve had moving into the summer after my freshman year of college. Moving back home for the summer means that the song ‘Lead Feet’ suddenly became a lot more real to me. The entire album is full of the type of music that makes you really think about your place in this world and isn’t that really what we all need right now?” – Alex


Chemical Miracle (2016) – Trophy Eyes

“The album I’ve been listening to this month is Chemical Miracle by Trophy Eyes. The album showcases the bands capability to make tracks upbeat, slow-paced and in between. My personal favorite is ‘Nose Bleed’ with controlled screaming and a melody that is hard to forget. The lyrics in the album make you feel related to what the band is feeling although it can be interpreted many different ways. Everyone should give this record a listen.” – Tabitha


So Long, Astoria (2003) – The Ataris

The Ataris is a name that almost everyone recognizes from the early-2000s pop punk scene. The opening and title track immediately draws you in with its catchy sound. ‘In This Diary’, ‘My Reply’ and ‘The Boys of Summer’ are also songs that represent pure pop punk. So Long, Astoria represents what early-2000s pop punk was all about, and if you haven’t tried listening to it, you totally should!” – Jina