We all find ways to express our love for music through creativity. For us at APU it’s through writing, some choose photography, many decide to draw or paint or maybe you decide to tattoo your favorite band’s symbol or lyrics on your body to show your love for them.

For Madelyn Jaye, she expresses herself through makeup. Specifically, she takes eye shadows and liquid eyeliner to make album covers come to life on her eyelids. Check out some of our favorites below and be sure to follow her on Twitter at @twymadelyn and keep up with all of her newest looks!

6. The Wonder Years, No Closer To Heaven

5. Knuckle Puck, Copacetic

4. WSTR, Red, Green Or Inbetween

3. Glacier Veins, Clear Your Head

2. State Champs, Around The World And Back

1. The Maine, American Candy

Yup. Madelyn Jaye is a certified badass.