Milk Teeth frontwoman Becky Blomfield sat down with Alternative Press to talk about misogyny and sexism at live shows and what everyone can do to stop it.

“I didn’t directly hear anything, but our tour manager was in the audience, and this guy didn’t know he worked with us and was nudging him and saying, ‘Oh, I’d fucking love to crack onto her tits,’ and saying all of this really gross stuff, and our tour manager gave him a bit of a row about it,” Blomfield recalls. “We had a good show, and then I got offstage and found out and it put a bit of a dampener on everything because I feel like I’ve worked so hard to be taken seriously. I even wrote an article called ‘More Than Just A Pair of Tits,’ and for somebody to objectify me when I’m up there singing songs that are personal to me and that I’ve put so much work into—I want be seen as credible. It just felt like a massive step backwards.


“One time, we were on a tour and a guy came up and kept edging closer and closer toward the stage when I was playing bass, and I was in the zone, so I had my hair in my face,” she recalls. “I didn’t really notice at the time, but he was basically insinuating oral sex and coming toward me, and I had to get escorted out of the building. It’s disgusting. I don’t understand why. I mean, obviously it does happen to guys, too, but I don’t get why predominantly men feel like it’s okay to act that way toward women. Girls obviously fancy the boys in the band—they think they’re attractive, but girls aren’t making sexual comments; it doesn’t happen as frequently. So I guess it’s not that women are victims, but it seems targeted in a different way.”

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