With the new year coming up, I wanted to share my favorite memory from 2018.

While attending the last Vans Warped Tour was definitely a highlight, I’d like to focus on a specific event from the tour itself.

It’s notable to mention how much I love New Found Glory and how ecstatic I was when they announced they would be joining the tour for the remaining Florida dates. So obviously, they were my main priority for my date. I made it a goal that I would not leave warped that day without meeting the band – and hopping in the pit during their set.

As soon as I hear word of a signing at their tent I drop everything and drag my group over to stand in the hot Florida sun to finally meet them and get a picture taken. As we wait, I start to think of what to say to them. Of course I want to seem totally cool; so I decide to tell the story of how I sat next to Ian Grushka’s mom at the Parkland Strong benefit show and head-banged along with her.

Finally—and here comes my embarrassment—at the front of the line with a plan in place, I hand over my T-shirt and make my way down to tell my story to Ian and Chad. Sometime during this interaction, I completely lose the ability to function properly. I quickly stumble through the story, grab my shirt, smile and say “thanks” and sprint away as awkwardly as possible; leaving my friend standing there waiting to take OUR photo—which unfortunately, never had the chance to take place because, well, me.

*face palm*

Later that day; however, it wasn’t a complete loss. We ended up making our way down to the Journey’s Right Foot stage, exactly where NFG would be playing a few sets later. I was able to fight my way through the crowd to claim my spot and jump in the pit and had the chance to view one epic show.

So here’s to 2019 and hoping I redeem myself whenever I meet New Found Glory next!

What was your favorite memory from 2018?