A new study looked to social media, Instagram specifically, to find out which was the preferred drug at each American music festival.

Consequence of Sound writes:

Here’s where the real data becomes interesting. Detox next took all the posts in the above chart — those mentioning drugs or alcohol from each festival — and figured out how often specific substances were being talked about. At Bonnaroo, for example, 47.5% of mentions were related to alcohol, 27.3% were about marijuana, 13.3% were just about “generic drug terms,” and 9% were about LSD. LSD was most popular at Electric Forest, where 18.1% of posts were about the psychedelic. Attendees of the Michigan fest were also fond of weed (45.3%) and alcohol (23%).

Speaking of psychotropics, it’s interesting to see that Burning Man burners prefer LSD and mushrooms at precisely equal levels: 15.1%. Camp Bisco fans get down far more often on ‘shrooms (16.8%) and are pretty fond of some grass too (51.5%).

Below are some interesting graphs.

mention drugs or alcohol

Obviously, music festivals do not encourage drug use, so make sure you stay safe. And if you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, get help.

You can read the study here.