On October 4th, Google announced two new phones that will replace the Nexus line, which was basically the only way of getting stock Android with immediate updates. The difference here is that the new Pixel phones are premium ones “made by Google” and they are aligned with the iPhone’s prices.

In terms of specs, both Pixel phones (one being simply the Pixel and the other being the Pixel XL) pack the same internals except for the screen size, the XL has a 5.5 inch display and the normal one has a 5 inch display.

These new phones will launch with the latest version of Android (7.1) and will continue to receive immediate updates as soon as they are released. They are also said to come with the best camera ever made for a smartphone, which is a pretty bold statement considering how good cameras are nowadays. To add to this, there’s the fact that if you purchase one of these phones, you will get full resolution unlimited storage for your photos and videos through Google Photos.

This time Google is expecting to compete directly with Apple’s iPhone, which is also translated into the fact that they are investing a lot of money in commercials and physical billboards so don’t be surprised if you see one of those around.

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